July 28, 2018
The Grand Haven High School Class of 1968 50-Year Reunion was great! 

To view the Program for Saturday at Bella Maria's, click here.

To those who attended, thank you for coming.  For those who missed it, you will have another chance.

We are now "looking forward to looking back" again at a collective 70th Birthday Party in 2020! 

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On the weekend of July 27-28, 2018, multiple events marked the 50th anniversary of our high school graduation, the centerpiece being a Dinner and Dance, Saturday evening, July 28.  
  • For further information about our past weekend of events,:who attended, who won bottles of wine, how much money was raised for GHHS student charities in our Silent Auction, and for dozens of photos, click on our Details of Events, See Who Attended, Wine Exchange, Silent Auction, and Photo Albums pages.
  • For classmate contact information, click on our Classmate Contacts page.  Then, request the password.
  • ​It is not too late to let classmates know what you have been doing over the past 50 years, if you have not done so already!  Go to our Classmate Profiles page to create your profile and view the profiles of others.  Request the password when you reach this page.
  • Visit the In Memory Of and Military Service pages. If we missed a classmate who has passed away, or served our country, please let us know by using the Contact Us page.
GHHS Class of 1968 50th Reunion Toast 

Here’s to the Land of the White Pine Tree.
A beautiful land amidst the Inland Seas
Where the children grow Strong
And the strong grow Great.
Here’s to our home, The Great Lakes State...and here’s to the GHHS Class of 1968!

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