Tuning in to "I Love Lucy"?
Licking S & H Green Stamps?

Watching Mr. Green Jeans?

Drive- In movies?


Watching Wide World of Sports?

Jumping on Pogo Sticks?

Watching Bonanza?

Getting your mail delivered twice a day?

 Adding machines?

Howdy Doody?

Rotary phones?

Party lines?

The operator saying "Number, Please"?

Smoking on airplanes?

Billboards advertising cigarettes?

Looking something up in an Encyclopedia?

How to spell encyclopedia?

Clipping baseball cards to the spokes of your bike?

Swanson TV dinners?

Milk being delivered by the milk man?

Seeing the TV channels sign off at the end of the night?

Shopping at the Five and Dime?

The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

All kinds of weird Jell-O dishes?

Using the phone book?

Tin foil placed on the TV antenna?

Banana-seat bicycles?

Transistor radios?

The energy shortage?

Using a typewriter?

Ordering from the Sears phone or letter?

Eating SPAM?

Changing channels using the knob on the front of the TV?

Buying your first 45 (record)?

Using a pay phone?

Wood paneled station wagons?

Abraham, Martin, and John?