Our Collective 70th Birthday Party!
Hemlock Crossing Nature Center
Hemlock Crossing Nature Center

When: Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 6:00 pm
Where: Hemlock Crossing Nature Center
8115 West Olive Road
West Olive, MI
United States


Join your classmates at the crown jewel of the Ottawa County Parks system: the Hemlock Crossing Nature Center, as we all celebrate becoming 70 years old!  Remember, 70 is the new 40...

Click on the link above to explore the park facilities which surround the beautiful Nature Center, approximately 12 miles south of Grand Haven.

--Upscale Picnic Buffet by Ryke's Bakery and Cafe
--Wine and Beer Bar by Mugs
--Surprises, humor and birthday cake!
--Seeing old friends again!
--Music from the sixties!

Casual Attire.  Cost for this event will be posted in the near future.  Go to our Birthday Party RSVP page to let us know early who is coming!