The Silent Auction at our Saturday Celebration Dinner/Dance presented a stunning array of items, including fine arts and crafts, and themed collections.  All items were sold at least at the minimum bid, raising $1250 for the two student charities below. 

The Silent Auction was coordinated by Judy Madl Tejchma.  Check our Winning Bidders' page to see who purchased items, and to view our items and donors!

Proceeds from the GHHS Class of 1968 Silent Auction will provide seed money to the GHHS Pay it Forward Class projects:
“Once you know, you are responsible.” Mahatma Ghandi
The mission of the GHHS Pay It Forward class is to place GHHS students into the community to actively seek to improve it, and to see beyond their own situations.
  • Students meet and interact with at least a dozen groups of people or charity organizations who have or seek to meet needs.
  • Then, they work alongside these groups to implement projects that raise awareness, funds, and needed items. 
  • As a result, not only are the students in the class becoming involved, the student body increases its awareness by participating in the projects PIF students create.
  • Students in the class come to understand social responsibility; to be the change that is necessary; to use their skills to improve situations they encounter.
  • Pay It Forward is project-based learning. Students are not just performing on tests, they are creating solutions to actual problems; thinking critically to address issues, and then using their problem-solving skills to work through the inevitable challenges that arise.
  • Since these are student-led, group projects, students learn about leadership: that every person has a different leadership style.
  • Pay It Forward students have said that this class has been by far the most challenging, yet rewarding, experience throughout their time in high school.   
​Mr. Brian Williams, Instructor

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Proceeds from the GHHS Class of 1968 Silent Auction will provide funds for the Bucs Care Food Pantry:

​The mission of the Bucs Care Food Pantry is to reduce food insecurities for students at GHHS through a food pantry system; providing food for students who are going hungry.

​Why?  ​In the 2015-2016 school year, there were 216 homeless students in the GHAPS.  ​187 of those students were at GHHS.

​What is the Food Pantry?  
​It is an easy-access food pantry at the high school that is available to all students in need.  Students ask for and receive their food discreetly, through a no-hassle, no-paperwork system.  Donations for the food pantry are received from students, parents, and community members.  Bags of food are sent home with about 30 students per week, on an ongoing basis, upon request, through the Student Services Office.

There are 8 student volunteers, 10 parent volunteers; they have been in operation since November 2017.  Bucs Care ​plans to add clothing items for distribution to students in need.

​Mrs. Angie Prieditis, Counselor/Advisor

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