​The GHHS Class of 1968 will have a Collective 70th Birthday Party for classmates in 2020.  The committee would like your input about best time of year, preferred location and type of gathering, food, and which activities most would like to see.

Please answer our questions below!  We will use this data for our planning.  In addition, please use the Contact Form to share your ideas in more detail.  Click here to go to the Form.  Thank you!
1) Please indicate the time of year that you think would work best for most classmates.
May or June
July or August
Adjoining Coast Guard Festival
October adjoining Homecoming
2) Please indicate the day most classmates would prefer to attend the main event.
On a Saturday night
On a Friday night
On a Sunday night
On a week night

3) Would most classmates like to have
One activity or gathering
Two or more activities or gatherings
4) The most preferred type of event would be
Super casual
Upscale casual

5) Most classmates would prefer the following activities
Music, dancing, and reminiscing
Games, karaoke or photo booth, and reminiscing
Humorous activities and reminiscing
Touring the new and old GHHS
6) Please indicate the type of food you believe classmates would like (there will be birthday cake)
Picnic Fare
Upscale Food Truck Fare
Plated Dinners

7) What would be a good location for our main event?
County Park, eg. Connor Bayou-outdoor and sheltered
Mulligan's Hollow-outdoor and sheltered
Indoor venue
Other outdoor venue with shelter
8) If we have a fundraiser again, do you believe most classmates would participate?
Not sure
Yes, if less expensive than silent auction