​Arrr!  Be a perceptive pirate!  This quiz will jog your memory!
1) Craig Braun and Karen Larsen used to:
Wish for snow days
Strut their stuff as our Drum Majors
Enjoy Future Teachers' Club
Run laps on the track
2) Today, GHHS athletes compete in the OK Red Conference. In our Senior year, they did so in the:
Big Ten
OK Black
Valley Coast

3) Our Senior Class Play was:
Charlie's Angels
Charlize Theron
Charley's Aunt
Our Aunt Charley
4) Several GHHS students were sent to the gulag:
Because of Russian collusion
Because they failed trig
Because they were late from lunch
Because they caused trouble in Mr. Fulkerson's "Communist Classroom"

5) The GHHS class of 1968 learned about "home row" from the team of:
Sanders, Beatty, and Heiftje
Othmar, Crabtree, and Frizzle
Foutz, Thoma, Elwell, and Watkins
Keating and Kotter
6) Prime Rib, Lobster, and Rock Cornish Hen were served:
During first lunch hour
At our Senior Banquet
In the GHHS Teachers' Lounge
At the Home and Family Living Mock Wedding

7) In our Senior year, Kathy Wright and Dick Hatfield were:
The first students in the door most mornings at GHHS
Homecoming King and Queen
Ping-Pong Team Co-Captains
On American Bandstand
8) We pithed frogs in the classes of:
Jack Boyer, Ron Anderson, and Edith Persing
Bill Nye and Walter White
Arnold Hand and Gregor Mendel
Jon Hall and Ron Schuster

9) We remember Mr. Rothi and Ms. Dykhuizen as Counselors during our years at GHHS. Who from our class later became a GHHS Counselor?
Miss Helms
Edward R. Rooney
Claudia Zuidema Phipps
Jon Constant
10) Our 1968 Junior/Senior Prom was held for the first time:
At the Grand Haven Community Center
In a long time
In the gym